Omni Pagoda Bonsai Plant + Garden Stand


Our No. 7 Pagoda Bonsai stand has been a best seller for years now. We wanted to extend the functionality of the No. 7, to create a simple design that could produce lots of different combinations of deck size and platform heights so that when two (or more) of these stands are placed together, they make a beautiful and unique display for your bonsai or garden plants. 

So how does it work?

Select a standard deck (35"L x 21"D) or an extended deck (35"L x 31"D). Then select the set of risers you'd like. There are four choices:

1527 (15" on the left, 27" on the right)
1923 (19" on the left, 23" on the right)
2319 (23" on the left, 19" on the right)
2715 (27" on the left, 15" on the right)

These choices produce eight unique stands. Play around with the settings to see what each stand looks like.

While the Omni Stand work wells by itself, it works best in the company of others. When you combine stands, you'll see what we mean. We've shared some possible combinations below, but of course your own space will determine what suits you best.

And when you order two or more Omni Stands, you'll receive a 10% discount on the purchase price of these items.

Of course, all Omni stands come with our money-back guarantee so you can buy with confidence.

Material: Select Cypress
Dimensions: 35"W x 21"D (standard) and 35"W x 31"D (extended)
Weight: 15-20 lbs.
Assembly: Some assembly required

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Omni Pagoda Bonsai Plant Stands: 1527 standard and 2715 extended
1923 Standard + 2715 Extended
Omni Pagoda Bonsai Plant Stands: 1527 and 2319 Extended
1527 Standard + 2319 Extended
Omni Pagoda Bonsai Plant Stands: 1527 Extended and 2715 Standard
1527 Extended + 2715 Standard
Omni Pagoda Bonsai Plant Stands: 1923 and 2319 standard
1923 Standard + 2319 Standard
Omni Pagoda Bonsai Plant Stands: 2715 extended and 1923 extended
2715 Extended + 1923 Extended
Omni Pagoda Bonsai Plant Stands: 2319 extended and 1923 extended
2319 Extended + 1923 Extended